Producing 100’s of ideas fast

Why choose GK Strategic for Innovation?

GK Strategic uses the latest brain-based approaches and solution based, fast-track methods.

When you need idea generation, we provide world class experts in executive team facilitation who have the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience, supported by world class methods, to turn your team into an ideas powerhouse.

A client wanted to save costs…

One of our clients, a multinational defence contractor, wanted to come up with innovative ways to reduce costs.

Through our innovation workshop, they generated around 250 ideas which were refined down to 8 projects that exceeded the targeted savings from this project. Several years later, all these projects had been successfully implemented, so we were invited to run another innovation workshop.

This time the team came up with more than 500 ideas that led to 12 new projects.

“Thales Australia attended our second Innovation Workshop in February of this year, having attending our first in 2009. Once again, the workshop was well organised and created a great team dynamic that set us up to be very productive.

The workshop was well structured to ensure maximum benefit while ensuring the delegates have fun participating. Gerald's (MD, GK Strategic) subject matter knowledge once again was invaluable in keeping everyone focussed. Having raised nearly 500 ideas initially, we went on to identify approximately 12 Projects with real legs, which will aid in our cost optimisation targets.

I would recommend this workshop to any organisation that is serious about innovation.”

Robert Plant, Group Manager - Business Systems, Thales Australia

Select the most profitable ideas

Typical consulting organisations will try to take control of your innovation program, disempower and disengage your team from the process, and steer the program in a direction that increases your future reliance on their product and consulting offerings. The result: you are left with even less capability for innovation than you started with.

We do things differently. We show you how to leverage your creativity and produce your own innovative ideas. You are already the experts in your business and no-one will ever understand your busines better than you do.

With GK Strategic as your guide, you become the experts in innovation and you own the ideas that you generate. This results in your team feeling motivated and empowered, and improves that likelihood that the ideas will come to fruition.

Once we’ve helped generate ideas, we guide you in selecting those that have the greatest potential as commercial, competitive innovations.

Afterall, the key to success is to become an innovative organisation, not have someone try to develop innovative ideas for you.