Master your Future through
Strategy and Innovation leadership

Creativity is the most valued leadership trait. (IBM) It’s easy to see why. The revenue growth of top innovating companies is three times greater than other companies:

"Companies in the top quartile grew significantly faster than others—an average annual growth rate of 13%, compared with 5% for other companies. Compounded over five years, the top performers will grow 84%, compared with 28% for lower performers, a threefold difference." Bain & Co.

That’s a strong case for innovation, yet, only 7% of companies are considered innovation leaders. (Forbes)

When it comes to Strategy, the story is similar. The success of a business strategy depends on the ability to communicate that strategy to employees. Yet, only 14% of employees understand their organisation’s strategy and direction, and less than 10% of all organisations successfully execute the strategy. (Forbes)

GK Strategic assists you to overcome these barriers and fill these gaps. We show you how to master your future by guiding you to create a clear and powerful business Strategy and become a truly innovative organisation.

Whatever your requirement, we have an approach that suits your specific needs and environment:

We work with you on a one-to-one basis, or with your leadership team. Using solution focussed questions, we guide you to think about your Strategy in new ways. Together, we then turn the Strategy into a powerful communications tool that engages stakeholders.

Generate 100’s of ideas in one session. Using the latest brain-based approaches and our fast-track methodology, you’ll be surprised how innovative you can be. With a rich selection of ideas to choose from, your likelihood of success is significantly improved.

Guides, not Consultants

You need to own your Strategic and Innovation initiatives. Consultants who come in and say they will create your strategy or innovative ideas are doing you a disservice.

With GK Strategic as your guide, you feel capable, empowered and enriched.

You generate the ideas with GK Strategic’s professional guidance to propel your thinking.

We leverage the latest developments in:

  • Neuroscience and brain-based thinking
  • Leadership, organisational and cultural development
  • Strategic analysis models and methods

… to extract powerful thinking and solution-based results.

Breakthrough Results

The consultants at GK Strategic facilitate breakthrough, innovative thinking to solve the most difficult problems and identify quick wins.

With our solutions-based approach to innovation and strategy, within hours you will have tangible results.

How will using
GK Strategic benefit you and your organisation?

Strategy and innovation are what we specialise in. It’s our core business.

It’s probably something you do from time to time. Yet, you need world class skills in this area if you want to see your organisation grow and overtake your competitors.

Our team of world class specialists are leading experts in Innovation, Strategy and Brain-based thinking. We’ve worked with many of Australia’s leading brands and most savvy leaders to consistently create successful Strategic and Innovation outcomes.

Stagnate. Or master your future

GK Strategic specialises in propelling your vision into reality.

And accelerates you as a leader, into the elite group of executives who experience Strategy and Innovation success.